Find a private spot where you are alone and will not be disturbed.
Put your body in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
Talk to God by thinking your prayers.

Start with:
“Dear God, this is what I’m feeling now. I will tell you everything.
I realize that I am praying to change my own attitude, not to change you.”

Tell God every little thing you are thinking and feeling. Ask all of your questions.
What you express does not have to be in any kind of order or make sense overall.

After a complete venting, conclude with,
“Thank you God. I know you have heard me. I now ask for your guidance for
my future. I want only to do your will. Please show me what to do next.
I am listening.”

STAY STILL and KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED. Begin to LISTEN for guidance by concentrating on your breathing.
Follow each breath from the time it enters your nose, until it disappears in the center of your body.
Hold it there for a second. Now follow it back from your center, out into the world.

This is how God enters physical reality – from infinity, through you, and out into the world.
Repeat this breathing over and over.

In harmony with your breathing, now add a mantra: 1-3 simple words such as “Guide Me.”
Think these words each time you breathe in or out.

This is the only thought you need during the prayer. It gives your conscious mind a way to help, while your soul is reemerging
and you are peacefully listening for God. If your mind wanders to other thoughts or daydreams, gently stop, and return to your simple mantra.

Continue breathing and thinking your mantra until you feel reconnected to the larger universe.
You will suddenly experience a “knowing” of the inherent goodness in all life.
It is a positive change in perspective and you will feel refreshed and re-energized.

Your mind will steadily become more active and you will gain increased clarity of purpose and thought.
You will transition naturally from your time of meditation, and reengage the activities of your day –
more confident and at peace with your choices.

The more days in a row you use this method, the more profound your guidance experience will be.