Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity
based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer.

We enjoy exploring teachings from Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and more.
Unity honors the universal truths in all religions
and respects each individual's right to choose a spiritual path.

5 Unity Principles

  1. There is only one power and one presence in the universe - God, who is all good and active in everything, everywhere.
  2. I am naturally good because God's divinity is in me and in everyone.
  3. I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.
  4. Through affirmative prayer and meditation I connect with God and bring out the good in my life.
  5. I do and give my best by living the Truth I know. I make a difference.

7 Universal Truths

  1. God is the one and only source of my good.
  2. Abundance is a here/now reality.
  3. Abundance is inexhaustable.
  4. God is meeting my every need at every moment according to my own acceptance.
  5. Everyone deserves abundance.
  6. My vision is my inner awareness of my naturally abundant self.
  7. My inner guideness will lead me towards fulfillment of my vision.
    From David Owen Ritz's, "Keys to the Kingdom"

Honoring Diversity

We believe that all people are created with sacred worth.
Therefore, we recognize the importance of serving all people
within the Unity family in spiritually and emotionally caring ways.

We strive for our ministries, publications and programs to reach out
to all who seek Unity support and spiritual growth.

It is imperative that our ministries and outreaches be free of discrimination
on the basis of race, color, gender, age, creed, religions, national origin,
ethnicity, physical disability or sexual orientation.

Our sincere desire is to ensure that all Unity organizations
are nondiscriminatory and support diversity.

In our effort to reach out to all people as did our Way Shower, Jesus Christ,
we support: the modification of our facilities to make them accessible to all people,
regardless of physical challenges; the translation of our materials into Braille
and other languages; and respect for the wonderful variety of human commitments and relationships.

We encourage ministers, teachers, and others within Unity
to honor the strength of diversity within their spiritual communities.
It is with love and in celebration of our unity,
in the midst of our wondrous diversity, that we affirm this position.

Unity Worldwide Ministries

The Association of Unity Churches was created in the mid-1960s to serve

the needs of the churches and ministers throughout the movement.

As the Unity movement was growing, it became increasingly complex to manage the needs of the field ministries.
In the mid-1960s, Unity School of Christianity suggested that Unity ministers form a group to support the work of the churches.
This resulted in better services for the churches and ministers.

Our organization overarching/ongoing services include:

  • Progressive, transparent, frequent and interactive communication through multiple mediums
  • Education, CE credits, credentialing
  • Employment services for ministers and ministries
  • Expansion and alternative ministry support
  • Leadership training and development for boards, ministry teams, etc.
  • Administrative support/consulting – HR policy, IRS, pension, manse, etc.
  • Ministry Skills (formerly Peace Skills) consultations and ethics peer review
  • Events – Convention, Winter Meeting, IYOU, Youth & Family Ministry training, ministry team meetings, consultant training's
  • Marketing of UWM’s services and products to the field

The formation of the Association of Unity Churches created two major organizations within the movement─the Association being the lesser-known. In 2011, the Association of Unity Churches International adopted the Unity Identity Program. As a result, we changed our name to Unity Worldwide Ministries. This focus on the Unity brand is uniting and strengthening our movement, making us more easily recognizable to the general public.