I am the Christ, I am within you,                          Not of flesh or of sinew,
Not as a separate entity,                                 Yet truly part of thee.

Much as a wave is to the ocean                        And with faith and with devotion,
You can find me there.                                   Closer to you than air,

I can lift you from despair,                                Gird you with love, count every hair.
Overflow your cup with treasured things       and set your soul on angels’ wings

To view the world from heights sublime,          To touch your mind with Mind Divine,
Ascending ‘til at last you kiss                          The Father’s face and know your bliss.

I am the Christ.                                        Would you find me?
Would you know my peace?                              Then you must – – release, release, release

The fearful, frantic, feckless you,                      The limited, lacking, lesser you;
And then elect to resurrect                             the power of the Christ of you.

I am the Christ, I am the Christ,                            I am . . . . . . The Christ!

Mary Dodsworth