God is the one and only source of good in my life.
My abundance flows through many channels,
but one infinite and loving Source is behind them all.

Abundance is a reality in my life and the world around me right now.
My good is not in some future time or place. It is right here.
I am surrounded by and immersed in God’s lavish abundance.
I see it everywhere I look.

The flow of abundance through my life is inexhaustible.
Spirit is continually meeting my needs in countless seen and unseen ways.
I choose to live in the flow, sharing and giving generously and accepting gratefully.
I know I cannot out give God.

My abundance cannot be withheld from me.
Circumstances and conditions do not have the power to limit me; nor do people, places and things.
Spirit is continually meeting my needs according to my own acceptance.
I open to accept more by giving myself fully to life and trusting in God about all else to prosper me.

I deserve to lead an abundant life. Everyone does.
I bless the good that I find in my life daily and desire the same good for everyone.
There’s always enough to go around.

I am an individual expression of God’s unlimited love, beauty, creativity, power and wisdom.
I am God’s special celebration of Its own infinite potential. T
he vision that I hold for my life is the True Self that God wants me to become.
I am willing to embrace my destiny.
I am ready to become the person I was meant to be.

Nothing in my life is an accident. Everything happens for a purpose.
I cannot be guided wrongly or fail to fulfill my vision.
With the power, wisdom, and guidance of God within me, my success is assured.

For this awareness I am grateful.
And so it is.