Affirmative Prayer for Abundance

The source of all good in my life is infinite and inexhaustible.
The source of all good in my life is God itself.
I place my faith in the One True Source.

I have already been given the most beautiful gifts.
I have been given a life to live, intelligence with which to reason,
a heart with which to feel and wisdom to guide me.

And yet I am being offered so much more.
Infinite potential, unconditional love, unlimited spiritual growth –
these are but a few of the gifts of Spirit,
and I now open to receive them all with gratitude and joy.

The God Power made me in Its image and likeness, out of Itself,
and It wants only to support me.
It stands ready to lead me forward.
Its plan is to lift me into higher expression.

I know deep in my heart that
I am deserving of all the good things in life.

And my acceptance of the support of the Universe
is all that is necessary for It
to begin Its work in my life.

I DESERVE true abundance and unconditional love.
I DESERVE vibrant health and good feelings.
I DESERVE happiness, peace and joy.
I DESERVE prosperity, freedom, and ease in my financial affairs.
I DESERVE to have my dreams come true.

With these thoughts now,
I allow the God Power into my life
by becoming aware of Its presence in every circumstance,
condition, person and thing in my life.

In every aspect of my world,
I see God in action,
loving and supporting me.

I depend only upon Spirit for my good.
My faith is great. My arms are open.
And my heart is filled with thanks.

And so it is.