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The Prayer of Forgiveness

Please forgive me for any harm I may have caused you, consciously or unconsciously, through my thoughts, my speech or my actions. I forgive you for any harm you may have caused me, consciously or unconsciously, through your thoughts, your speech or your actions. This prayer traditionally starts with oneself, then a benefactor and people…

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The Prayer of Loving Kindness

May you be happy, as I wish to be happy. May you know peace, as I wish to know peace. May you be safe from inner and outer harm, as I wish to be safe. May you be free from suffering, as I wish to be free.

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Insight Meditation

Keeps Us in the NOW There are many types of prayer practices, but with all the interest in living in the present moment, insight meditation is particularly timely. Awareness Insight meditation has two key elements. The first is that of awareness. This means being continuously aware of one’s experience in every moment. In other words:…

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Daily Word

April 16, 2017-Easter April 23, 2017-Freedom April 30,2017-Flexible May 28, 2017-Divine Expression June 4, 2017-Let Go, Let God June 11, 2017-World Peace June 18, 2017- Father’s Blessing June 25, 2017 –Forgive July 2, 2017-Spiritual Support July 9, 2017-Faith July 16, 2017-Divine Order August 20, 2017-My Source August 27, 2017-Prosperity September 3, 2017-Life

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