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Association of Unity Churches


Our Vision                    Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all.


Our Mission                  We create and support vibrant, diverse, spiritual leaders and communities
                                   That foster transformation and inspire people to make a positive difference
                                   in our world.


Our Values                   Core values are the foundation of the organization and vital for it to be successful;
                                    the organization's ideals; non negotiable; fundamental for organizational coherence.


We are centered in God. Spirit leads our thoughts and actions as we co-create a world

that works for all.


We act from a place of wholeness and are ethical in all our actions. We keep our word.


We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. We promote greater

understanding among people in a spirit of unity.


We are a dynamic movement on the cutting edge of spiritual evolution. We teach

universal spiritual principles that change lives.



Living in the infinite flow of God's good, we draw from God's inexhaustible supply and

wisely use our rich resources to serve the world.

Individuals grow spiritually when they are part of a supportive community, a church, of like-minded believers. Our Association of Unity Churches International is dedicated to supporting and strengthening its member ministries, which, in turn, provides this supportive community in places across the globe. Our leadership, human resources, administrative and education programs all work to give local churches the skills and tools needed to support individual transformation. Without our work, Unity churches would not exist.
We are a worldwide network of ministries, ministers, lay teachers and church members sharing the vision and aim of furthering the Charles Fillmore tradition of "Practical Christianity" as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Short History
The Unity movement was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. After Myrtle Fillmore's remarkable healing utilizing prayer and affirmations, many who were seeking help became interested in how she accomplished this healing. From small prayer circles in living rooms, Unity grew. The first issue of Unity Magazine was published in 1889. The teaching of the practice of prayer, through classes and correspondence, led to the establishment of Unity School, where the prayer ministry, Silent Unity, began along with Unity School for Religious Studies and a publishing arm for magazines and books. These services still exist today, under the name UnityŽ.

In 1965, the Association of Unity Churches was formed by ministers and churches for the purpose of focusing on establishing new churches, supporting existing ones, ordaining ministers and licensing teachers. To this day, we are a worldwide movement of about 1,000 churches and groups supporting individuals on their spiritual path by fostering communities of like-minded believers.

The Association is made up of Unity churches and individuals worldwide. At the home office, we serve Unity churches and members, providing products and programs to help so that:

1) Individuals develop spiritually,
2) Leaders gain skills at all levels, and
3) Churches thrive !
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