Favorite Prayers, Affirmations & Quotes

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AFFIRMATIONS A Prosperity Affirmation
  Affirmation for Sorting and Letting Go
  Look for the Good
  Charles Fillmore's Favorite Affirmations
  I Release and Let go
ASKING FOR HELP St. Theresa of Avila Prayer
  Path of Thought
  Prayer of Saint Francis 
  Serenity Prayer 
  Traditional Irish Blessing 
BUSINESS  Business Blessing
  God Bless This Business      
FAITH Statement of Being 
  Prayer of Faith 
  Daily Reminders Prayer
  Serenity Prayer 
  Finish Each Day 
  A Time 
GRATITUDE Gratitude 
HOW TO PRAY Jesus' words just before the Lord's Prayer
  “Talk, Then Listen” Prayer Method
  Anyway Prayer 1968
  St. Theresa's Prayer
  The Five Finger Prayer
  Prayer Used by Fr. Solanus
MEDITATIONS  A Power of Wisdom Mediation
  Insight Meditation
  The Prayer of Loving Kindness
  The Prayer of Forgiveness
PROSPERITY Love Prosperity Prayer 
  Affirmative Prayer for Awareness 
  Affirmative Prayer for Abundance 
PROTECTION Prayer of Protection 
  Prayer of Faith 
  Buddhist Goddess Kuan Yin Prayer for the Abuser  
REASSURANCE Affirmative Prayer for Confidence 
  I Am The Christ
  23rd Psalm 
Us All Blessing for a Church
  Chief Seattle's Prayer
  Prayr for the Nation
  May today there be peace within
  Prayer of St. Francis for Animals
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