Welcome to Unity of Farmington Hills

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We welcome you wherever you are on your spiritual path.

We support you just the way you are:  single, married, coupled, single again, rich, poor, no church background, wherever you are in your journey called life.
We believe that attending church should be an event the entire family looks forward to and anticipates with excitement.  Our relaxed and informal services are held every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. with upbeat music and timely topics.  Our Sunday lessons focus on practical solutions for your everyday life.
Our childrens’ programs are entertaining and constructive, and all of our varied and unique programs throughout the week are open to everyone.  Join us on our spiritual path, and discover the joy it brings to your life when you have fun with wonderful, spiritually dedicated people.
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Rev. Sandra Bracy, 10 AM Service
Rev. Sandra Bracy, 10 AM Service


Each week, UFH offers a program just for YOU

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